Managing Your Cloud Infrastructure with Code

Tuesday, April 30, 10:25-11:25 am
Rooms 323-324
Presenter: Chinmay Anaokar
Modality: Workshop


In the rapidly evolving domain of cloud computing, the ability to manage infrastructure through code rather than manual processes has become a game-changer. This workshop is designed for anyone interested in the intersection of Cloud Computing and DevOps. It will be an introduction to Infrastructure-as-Code. The session will kick off with an introduction to the automation capabilities enabled by Infrastructure-as-Code, highlighting the foundational concepts and the significant advantages it brings to cloud infrastructure management. Attendees will gain insights into Terraform, focusing on the syntax and key concepts, providing an understanding of the powerful tool. Participants will learn practical steps to initialize, configure, and manage a Terraform project, covering the creation, planning, and application of Terraform configurations. This hands-on approach will culminate in participants deploying their own web applications in the cloud, utilizing the code crafted during the workshop. The workshop is structured to ensure that attendees not only grasp the theoretical aspects of infrastructure automation but also apply these concepts in real-world scenarios. By the end of this session, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how Infrastructure-as-Code functions and the myriad benefits it offers, including increased efficiency, scalability, and reliability in cloud infrastructure management.

Workshop Requirements

Laptops are required. No prior expertise is needed—basic knowledge about cloud computing is sufficient.


Chinmay Anaokar

Chinmay Anaokar is a current OMSCS student, startup founder, and Cloud Computing enthusiast. He has been training and evangelizing cloud technology for a few years. Until now, he has trained more than 100,000 people on AWS. He is the first and the youngest AWS accredited educator in India. Chinmay currently manages the Europe division of his startup, Brainfloss, in London.


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