An Introduction to ROS: The Industry-Standard Robot Operating System

Wednesday, May 1, 1:05-2:05 pm
Rooms 323-324
Presenter: Ibrahim Abdulhafix
Modality: Workshop


This workshop aims to introduce the technical approaches to developing robotic systems based on the industry-standard Robot Operating System (ROS). Particularly, it will cover software approaches and toolkits that allow researchers and developers to test, simulate, and implement such systems. Participants would be encouraged to come with a laptop (preferably Ubuntu) to follow through and gain hands-on experience. In the end, attendees will be equipped with the basic knowledge on simulating and interfacing robotic systems using the open-source software.

Workshop Requirements

It is strongly recommended to have a Linux or (alternatively) Windows 10+ laptop. While no particular program is required to be preinstalled, it is beneficial to see and try ROS tutorials to get an initial idea. Those with Windows would certainly benefit from having WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux) installed. Ideally, participants would have basic knowledge in robotics and hands-on experience with hobby projects and hardware devices.


Ibrahim Abdulhafiz is a systems-engineering graduate (biomedical and robotics) working on high-stakes robotic problems from autonomous driving to humanoid robotics, incorporating advanced concepts of AI.


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