Introduction to Quantum Computing with Qiskit

Tuesday, April 30, 2:35-3:35 pm
Rooms 323-324
Presenter: Lakshmi Yendapalli
Modality: Workshop


Join us in an introductory workshop on Quantum Computing where we will delve into some of the experiments that led to the awarding of the 2022 Physics Nobel prize “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science." [1]. This immersive workshop aims to recreate the work of one of the three Nobel laureates, John Clauser and his famous CHSH inequality. We will use Qiskit—the open-source SDK that lets us work on IBM’s Quantum Platform. We will start with understanding the basics of Quantum Computing, including the Bloch sphere model of a qubit, superposition, entanglement, and quantum gates. We then plan to trace the evolution and history of quantum theory starting with the EPR paradox, John Bell’s theorem and finally the CHSH paper. To conclude, we will dive into Qiskit and construct the circuits required to experimentally prove the CHSH inequality. No prior knowledge of Quantum Computing or Qiskit is required. However, familiarity with Python and Jupyter Notebook is expected. The workshop will cover Quantum Computing fundamentals as well as Qiskit basics and guide the audience through designing and executing quantum circuits. By the end of the session, the audience will walk away with an appreciation for the quantum phenomena that make Quantum Computing possible.

[1] The Nobel Prize in Physics 2022. Nobel Prize Outreach AB 2024. Sat. 2 Mar 2024.

Workshop Requirements

Participants are expected to be comfortable with Python and Jupyter Notebooks and have the following installed/completed before the start of the workshop:


Lakshmi Yendapalli

After 15 years of working in the field of corporate and product strategy, Lakshmi Yendapalli is now embarking on a new journey to explore her “road not taken”. She is starting her second career in computer science and is particularly fascinated by what mischief qubits are up to when we are not looking.


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