CS 6400: Database Systems Concepts and Design

Instructional Team

Leo Mark
Leo Mark
Creator, Instructor
Peter Graening
Peter Graening
Head TA


We believe in learning-by-example and learning-by-doing. This course presents an example of applying a database application development methodology to a major real-world project. All the database concepts, techniques, and tools that are needed to develop a database application from scratch are introduced along the way when they are needed. In parallel - slightly delayed - learners in the course will apply the database application development methodology, techniques, and tools to their own major class team project. Students will also learn the Extended Entity Relationship Model, the Relational Model, Relational algebra, calculus and SQL, database normalization, efficiency, and indexing. Finally, techniques and tools for metadata management and archival will be presented.

Foundational Course Computing Systems Core Course

Sample Syllabi

Summer 2024 syllabus (PDF)
Spring 2024 syllabus (PDF)
Fall 2022 syllabus (PDF)

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Course Content

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Before Taking This Class...

Suggested Background Knowledge

Learners should be familiar with at least one scripting or programming language, e.g., PHP, Python, Java. Some familiarity with software engineering concepts and Git/source control will be helpful. Willingness to learn basic system administration tasks is necessary. Flexibility and readiness to work remotely with team members is a must.

Technical Requirements and Software

See the College of Computing's technical requirements.​

Academic Integrity

All Georgia Tech students are expected to uphold the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code. This course may impose additional academic integrity stipulations; consult the official course documentation for more information.