2024 OMSCS Conference FAQ

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I registered for the conference, but I can no longer attend, can I get a refund for my registration fee?

Check our Registration page for information about registration refunds.

Conference registration filled up, what should I do?

Check our Registration page for information about joining the in-person waitlist and registering as a virtual attendee.

I registered to attend virtually, can I switch to attending in-person?

If there are still spots available to attend in person, then yes! We recommend purchasing your in-person registration before requesting a refund for your virtual registration. If there are no longer spots available, you can join the in-person waitlist.

Check our Registration page for information about refunds and joining the waitlist.

Can I come to the conference without registering?

No, you must register to attend the conference.

Is the registration fee waived for presenters?

Yes, presenters get to attend the conference for free!

Attending In Person

Will the food available at the conference accommodate dietary restrictions?

Make sure to indicate your dietary restrictions during registration, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for the reception on Monday, April 29 is business casual.

For the OMSCS Conference (April 30 and May 1), we encourage you to dress comfortably! If you're attending David Joyner's campus tour on the evening of May 1, we recommend bringing shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

Atlanta during this time of year can get hot, and many buildings crank up their air conditioning as a result. You may consider bringing a light sweater with you just in case!

Do I need to bring a form of ID?

If you plan to consume alcohol at either of the receptions on April 29 or April 30, then yes! This could be a driver’s license, passport, or any other identification that proves you’re at least 21 years old. If you do not have your ID with you, you cannot consume alcohol.

Can I bring a guest to the conference?

Due to space constraints, we are not allowing attendees to bring guests to the conference.

Attending Virtually

What can I expect as a virtual attendee?

Check the full program on our Program page to see which aspects of the conference are available to virtual attendees.

How do I access the conference as a virtual attendee?

A Zoom link will be sent to all registered attendees the evening of April 29 with instructions on how to join.


Will you be offering travel assistance?

We know some of you are traveling to the conference from outside the United States, which is wonderful! We would love to offer travel assistance to attendees, but unfortunately, due to budget constraints and the complexities of actually disbursing money, we will not be offering travel assistance at the 2024 OMSCS Conference.

Do you have extra parking validations?

We will only have parking validations available for those who requested them during registration. If you lose your parking validation, let someone at the check-in table know.

I’ll be traveling to the conference on a visa and need a letter of support, do you provide that?

Depending on exactly what you need from us, we may be able to help out. Please contact OMSCS-Conf@groups.gatech.edu.


I accepted the invitation to present, but I am no longer able to attend the conference, what should I do?

Contact OMSCS-Conf@groups.gatech.edu as soon as possible!

Can I switch modalities for my presentation?

Part of the proposal review process involved making sure we had a certain number of presentations in each modality, which informed the creation of the conference schedule. Because of this, we are not allowing presenters to change their presentation modalities once their proposals have been accepted.

Can I present virtually?

No, presenters may not present virtually except in the rare situations in which it is required to present virtually.

Will presentations be recorded?

We plan to record all Traditional Talks, Panel Discussions, and any other presentations in the main auditorium on April 30 and May 1. We do not plan to record Demonstrations or Workshops.

The work I’ll be presenting at the conference is a collaborative effort, are my collaborators invited to present with me?

If you included a co-presenter on your proposal, then yes, we expect they will present with you! Otherwise, we are not allowing more than one presenter per presentation.

Will presentations be archived (e.g., in public research databases)?

No, the OMSCS Conference is non-archival. This means you are welcome to present work that has already been, or will eventually be, published.

How were presentations selected?

The conference review committee read through the presentation proposals (there were a lot!) and selected those that stood out as being of particularly high quality. Additionally, proposals were chosen such that there was variety among the topics being presented.

Other Questions

If your question isn't answered in the FAQs, please contact us at OMSCS-Conf@groups.gatech.edu.