TA Spotlight: Vikas Rao

Every other week we spotlight an OMSCS TA, so you can get to know who's behind the screen. Here are four questions for Vikas Rao who TAs CS 6476: Computer Vision.

Vikas Rao

What do you do professionally?
I was a network consulting engineer for over two years at Cisco and worked on network automation and device migrations. Apart from that, I also taught Python programming and co-host a podcast series, Talk Your Way Up, focused on effective communication skills and public speaking. I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in ECE at Georgia Tech.

Why do you TA for OMSCS?
As a student, I have fond memories of many teachers and peers who have helped me and made my learning experience more fun and enriching. I see this as an opportunity for me to do the same for others.

What's your advice for future students in OMSCS?
Sometimes the course and the assignments may get hectic, and if you find yourself doubting your capabilities, remember that it is a natural reaction and have confidence that you will be able to sail through this too as you have through all your previous challenges.

What's your best study hack?
Time management...Time management...Time management