TA Spotlight: Tyler Landle

Tyler Landle

Tyler Landle is a TA for CS 8803-O12: Systems Issues in Cloud Computing. Keep reading to learn more about Tyler!

What do you do professionally?

Professionally, I’m a senior embedded software engineer with Lockheed Martin. I work specifically on vehicle control systems, and have a deep interest in operating systems, embedded systems, and hardware. Part time, I work as a PhD student at Georgia Tech, advised by Professor Umakishore Ramachandran, who teaches CS 6210 and CS 8803: Systems Issues In Cloud Computing. My broad research area is systems, specifically interested in how to use edge computing (nearby compute) to improve the performance and safety of autonomous vehicle systems.

Why do you TA for OMSCS?

After I took CS 8803: Systems Issues in Cloud Computing, I really enjoyed the class format and just the pure learning style that could be achieved in this sort of class. In addition, the topic was very interesting. TA-ing has been an incredibly rewarding experience so far, and I hope to utilize the experience to potentially become a professor or a lecturer in the future!

What is your advice for future OMSCS students?

My advice is to utilize OMS to improve yourself and to utilize it to expand your network. OMS is an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to broaden your understanding of many different fields. In addition, there are amazing students that join every year, from directors at different companies to individual contributor engineers in niche fields. You may find your next job from someone you challenged in a post on Piazza! Last but not least, talk to your professors if you are interested in doing research! Many professors would love an extra hand with their research projects, and OMS students can be exceptionally motivated with great professional experience.

What hobby or activity are you looking forward to getting back to once you're done with OMSCS?

Funny enough, I started my PhD right after I completed OMS. So, the hobby or activity I was looking forward to getting back to ended up being more school! Something I want to draw attention to is that you can do a thesis as part of OMS. If you are interested in extending your academic career into a PhD or a research position, doing research with a professor as part of a special projects course or a thesis project can (1) be an incredibly rewarding experience and (2) help you make that next step your career into research. The opportunities are all there, you just have to dig a bit!