TA Spotlight: Thomson Lukose

Thomson Lukose

Thomson is a TA for CS 6675: Advanced Internet Systems and Applications. Keep reading to learn more about Thomson!

What do you do professionally?

I am a Software Engineering Director.

Why do you TA for OMSCS?

Taking on the role of a teaching assistant (TA) with OMSCS was not a decision I made lightly; it was a calling that resonated deep within me. The desire to share knowledge, inspire, and nurture personal growth in others has consistently driven my actions. Embracing the role of a student before taking on the mantle of a TA significantly enhances one's ability to effectively convey information. The process of reviewing the ideas and code of fellow students has undeniably enriched my own learning journey. Serving as a TA has not only refined my perspective on software design but has also provided an educational odyssey in a distinct form, continually challenging me to expand my horizons.

What is your advice for future OMSCS students?

Certainly, there will be occasions when the allure of giving up becomes apparent. During those demanding moments, hold fast to your beliefs and endure. The initial thrill of gaining admission to Georgia Tech may wane as coursework becomes demanding. Maintain your resilience.

Who is your inspiration?

My mother stands as my ultimate source of inspiration. Her unwavering dedication during our formative years is truly unparalleled. Following my father's passing in 1982, she fearlessly assumed full responsibility for the family with unwavering resolve, displaying an unmatched level of determination. Becoming an elementary school teacher out of necessity, she not only led us but also provided for my siblings and me in an exemplary manner, repeatedly demonstrating her strength and resilience. She is undeniably the unshakable pillar of strength in our lives, a true rock.

Find Thomson on...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tlukose/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simbalion1309/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomson.lukose
Personal Website: https://www.thomsonlukose.com/