TA Spotlight: Isha Shah

Every other week we spotlight an OMSCS TA, so you can get to know who's behind the screen. Here are four questions for Isha Shah who TAs  CS 7642: Reinforcement Learning.

Isha Shah

What do you do professionally?
I am a final year MSCS student at Georgia Tech.

Why do you TA for OMSCS?
While studying for the courses and solving assignments, I realized without the guidance and mentorship of the TAs, I wouldn't have been able to succeed in the courses. When I got the opportunity to do so, I wanted to give back to the students the same support that I had received. It's quite fulfilling experience to be on the other side of the courses and witness the academic journey for an entire semester and see the students succeed.

What's your advice for future students in OMSCS?
Take things at your own pace.

Grades don't matter, learning a new skill does!

Always remember to take care of yourself. Health and family are very important.

This journey is not easy, but remember the greater the difficulty, sweeter the victory.

Professors and TAs are always there to support and assist with studies.

Make sure to network and connect with fellow classmates.

Lastly, for all the people pursuing OMSCS from a non-CS background: do what scares you, until it doesn't!

What hobby or activity are you looking forward to getting back to once you're done with OMSCS?
I am quite fond of playing sports, dancing, traveling, and singing.