TA Spotlight: Ioan Istrate

Each week we spotlight an OMSCS TA, so you can get to know who's behind the screen. Here are four questions for Ioan Istrate, who TAs CS 6200: Introduction to Operating Systems.


What do you do professionally?
I am a full stack web developer by trade. In the past I worked for different companies from media companies to ecommerce shops, and also as a full-time/part-time freelancer. Currently I am, together with a fellow alumni of GT, trying to expand the offerings of a web development company.

Why do you TA OMSCS?
When I took CS 6200 (GIOS), my first class into the program, I was extremely impressed with the professor and the TAs that helped run the course.
The staff made me want to TA the class and made me want to stay involved even after seven semesters of being a TA for the class. This summer will mark my eighth semester as a TA in the program and the first one as an alumni TA. I would like to thank Associate Professor Ada Gavrilovska and our head TAs Tony Mason and Patrick Ward, as well as the rest of my colleagues for making CS 6200 an amazing class to be involved in.

What's your advice for future students in OMSCS?
Believe in yourself, and try doing things on your own before asking for help. In my experience, it seems to be the fastest way to understanding and learning.

What's your best study hack?
My best study hack is something called spaced repetition. With spaced repetition you learn about one fact, then review in an increasing time interval.  There is science behind this method, and for me it is what seems to work the best. The method is normally used with flashcards, and I recommend Anki Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards