TA Spotlight: Aoun Hussain

Aoun Hussain

Aoun Hussain is a TA for CS 6601: Artificial Intelligence. Keep reading to learn more about Aoun!

What do you do professionally?

I am a graduate student completing master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering with specialization in Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Systems and Software. In past years, I have been a software engineer for Creative Chaos, a SaaS company in San Franscisco, California and worked remotely, while completing my bachelor's in Electrical Engineering at Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan.

Why do you TA for OMSCS?

I have researched and studied courses in ML and hence, had a chance to take CS-6601, a well-designed course on Artificial Intelligence. I loved the course content and therefore decided to TA it, as that gave me a chance to better understand the AI fundamentals, which otherwise was not possible, as merely a student. As a GTA, I learn a great deal just from interacting with exceptional students at Georgia Tech and it has been an amazing journey so far.

What is your advice for future OMSCS students?

My advice to future students would be to take a bearable coursework and focus on learning the skills rather than focusing on grades or trying to finish early. The skills learned at the graduate level at Georgia Tech are invaluable and are essential for landing a great industry opportunity after graduation.

What's your best study hack?

Hybrid or remote studying enables a lot of unique study hacks which are, otherwise, not possible in-person. While under a significant workload, I usually watch lectures remotely on 1.5-2.0x and then catch up on missed details through independent research and solving assignments.

Find Aoun on...

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aoun-hussain/