Student Spotlight: Saurabh Mehra

Saurabh Mehra

Saurabh Mehra completed his Bachelor’s in Engineering in India, where he was born and raised, and is now currently based in New Jersey where he works in the computer software industry. Saurabh was inspired to enroll in OMSCS to broaden his horizons as he had always wanted to complete a master’s degree in computer science. Personal constraints prevented Saurabh from enrolling in an in-person master’s degree, and OMSCS gave him the opportunity to accomplish something he has always wanted to in an accessible, affordable, and flexible way.

For Saurabh, OMSCS was a way to advance his studies and broaden his skills and knowledge all while traveling the world. A fun fact about Saurabh is that he spent the first 21 years of his life in one city, Delhi, India, and has since lived and worked in 10 different cities across three continents!

"Artificial Intelligence and Genetics will confront human beings with some fundamental questions."

Saurabh loves computer science because it appeals to his mathematical and logical driven mind, and it is an avenue for exercising his creativity, curiosity, and skills. Saurabh hopes to work on research related to artificial intelligence and its impacts on society. Saurabh also finds the study of genetics to be fascinating: “In fact, in coming years Artificial Intelligence and Genetics will confront human beings with some fundamental questions.” Furthermore, if Saurabh could collaborate with any person, past or present, it would be “Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity, it is amazing that a human mind could have thought this.”

As for what his favorite class has been thus far: “I really enjoyed Human Computer Interaction with Dr. David Joyner.” His favorite hobby is “watching movies, my father was very active in film societies and from a young age I have been encouraged to watch movies. I still enjoy watching movies and really love suspense movies.”