What to Consider Before Submitting an Appeal for Review of Your Denied Application

You have come to this page because you are considering Requesting an Appeal for a Review of your Denied Application to OMSCS (and ONLY OMSCS -- NO other Georgia Tech program!).

The Appeals process is now open ONLY for applications for the FA 21 semester matriculation.  Any other appeals will NOT be considered.  Appeals for FA 21 will ONLY be taken through 11:55 PM June 20, 2021 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, USA).  The Submission of the Appeal and ALL required documentation must be submitted BY this deadline!  There are NO exceptions to this deadline.

Before you making the decision to submit the Appeal, please read the following very carefully so that you understand the process before you commit to it.  The following is a summary of the complete instructions that you will receive should you decide to go forward, and you should realize that if you fail to read and understand this page and those subsequent instructions and follow them explicitly, then your Appeal will almost certainly be denied.

Are you sure you wish to appeal?

To have a successful appeal, you MUST provide NEW and ADDITIONAL compelling and convincing evidence that you have adequate Computer Science skills and capabilities that have prepared you for the rigor of graduate work in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.  Keep in mind that Computer Science means something very specific at Georgia Tech; it usually does not equate to Information Technology, MIS, CIS, or web development. Typically, work experiences in these fields alone will not be adequate preparation for master's level work in Computer Science, nor does work experience usually make up for a poor undergraduate GPA. Remember – you are trying to gain admittance to a rigorous academic program, not obtain a new job!

As your Denial letter stated, since you have been denied admission, the BEST preparation for your having a successful application to the OMSCS program is to take several upper level undergraduate or graduate level Computer Science courses to prove your academic capability.

Do not repeat material that you submitted with your original application – that is a waste of your time and the Admission Committee’s time since the Committee has access to your original application.  Your repeating material already submitted almost certainly will result in your Appeal being denied.  ONLY submit NEW and ADDITIONAL material not contained in your original application. 

Regardless of what you submit, realize that less than 5% of Appeals are granted.

If I decide to continue, how do I submit an Appeal?

Submitting an Appeal takes two steps:

  1. You MUST REQUEST permission to submit an Appeal by sending an e-mail to admissionappeals@cc.gatech.edu, ADD to the subject line your GTID (if known), Slate # (if known), Last Name, First Name. Do NOT delete the pre-included information from the Subject Line!  **[If your e-mail system does NOT pick up the pre-filled Subject line, then you must MANUALLY start your subject line with "OMSCS Decision Appeal, FA 21, " and then you add your GTID (if known), Slate # (if known), Last Name, First Name.]** Do NOT include a body or attachment to the e-mail – both of those WILL be ignored.
  2. This e-mail will automatically create a Ticket in our system.  You will receive an acknowledgment that the Ticket has been created, and then within a few days, if you are granted permission to submit the Appeal, you will receive specific instructions on how and what to submit for the Appeal itself.

What will I submit if granted permission to submit an Appeal?

 If you are granted permission to submit the Appeal, then you will be given specific instructions on what to submit.  You should note right now that the volume of what you submit in the Appeal is not important; it is the quality of what you submit.

How long will I have to submit the appeal if granted permission to do so?

You will have approximately 30 days to submit the Appeal after you have been granted permission.

When should I expect an answer if I am granted permission to submit an Appeal?

Because of the volume of applications received, the Admissions Committee cannot guarantee that your appeal will be reviewed in time for the academic term to which you applied.  If the Committee cannot review your appeal in time for the term to which you applied, then your appeal will be reviewed in time for the succeeding term.  Thus, it may be several months before you receive a decision on your appeal.

What if I have further questions after submitting the appeal?

  • Be patient! As stated above, it may be several months before your appeal is reviewed.
  • Do NOT contact us asking for the status – such requests cannot be answered and only slow down the processing of your appeal.

REMINDER!  Failure to read and follow these instructions precisely will almost certainly result in your appeal being denied!