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Please read this ENTIRE page, and if you have any questions, please email from your GT email account.  Please be sure to include your full name and nine-digit GT ID number (90X-XX-XXXX) in EVERY email, replacing the first two digits with “xx”.


Hello OMSCS Students,

We hope your semester is off to a great start!  Please read through this entire email carefully.

The following information is available in your Summer 2020 Orientation document that was sent on May 1 (also available online at


1.  Check to see if you have any holds that might prevent you from withdrawing from a course(s).  Instructions on how to view holds can be found here:  Holds.

2.  If you have a hold, you MUST clear it before you can withdraw from a course(s).

  • If you have a Graduate Studies hold: 
  • Graduate Studies is missing documentation (probably final official transcripts).  For any questions regarding this, please email them at or call 404.894.1610.
  • Please mail your documents to Graduate Studies (see Section K in the Orientation document for the mailing address) or email them to
  • If you have a Lawful Presence hold: 
  • There are specific documents that can be used to clear this hold.  Go to the G​raduate Studies home page​ ( u​nder "New Students” and click “Lawful Presence”.  For any questions regarding this, please email
  • If you have an Immunization hold: 
  • S​end an email to and request a Waiver Request Form.  Once the waiver is submitted, it is valid for o​ne year from the date it is signed.​  “Distance Learners” do not require proof of immunization but must​ complete the yearly waiver.
  • If you have a Financial Agreement hold:
  • You should be able to clear this hold immediately in OSCAR.  You will need to review the financial agreement, agree to it, and submit, and the hold will be removed automatically.  There is text available in OSCAR with these instructions.  If you have any questions or issues with this, please contact the Bursar’s Office directly (


For instructions on how to withdraw from a course(s), please visit  Once a student has successfully withdrawn from the course, it is our understanding that its status field in OSCAR will change from "**Registered**" to "Course Drop by Student”, “Withdrawn from School”, or “Withdrawal-Student Initiated".

Please note the following:

  1. The deadline to withdraw from a course(s) is Saturday, June 27 at 4:00pm ET.  Once you withdraw from a course(s), you will have a “W” (or “W”s) on your transcript.  **Please note that this deadline falls on a weekend.  The Georgia Tech campus, in addition to the OMSCS Advising office, will NOT be open on the weekend.  Therefore, if you know you will be withdrawing, we highly recommend that you check for any holds and/or withdraw before Saturday, June 27, if possible, to avoid any potential issues.**
  2. If you withdraw from the only course you are enrolled in, or ALL the courses you are enrolled in, this is called a “withdrawal from school”.  A “withdrawal from school” does NOT mean you are dropped from the OMS CS program. 
  3. If you withdraw from school in Summer 2020 and have a record of enrollment for the term (there is a “W” on your transcript), you can still register for the Fall 2020 term (as long as you do not have any holds on your account). 
  4. Students are eligible for partial refunds only if they withdraw from the entire term before the withdrawal deadline.  For questions regarding refund eligibility and/or disbursement, please visit the Bursar’s Office website ( or contact them directly.  The refund schedule is available here:  Refer to the “Summer 2020 Refund Calendar" — NOT the "Distance Learning Refund Calendar".
  5. If you received financial aid, contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid with any questions on how withdrawing may affect your loan (


Question:  What is the impact of receiving a “W” on my transcript?
Answer:  A “W” is visible on your transcript, but it has no impact on your GPA.  If you retake a course from which you previously have withdrawn, the “W” from your first attempt and the new grade will appear on your transcript.


Question:  If I withdraw from a course, can I repeat it later?  What are the consequences of doing so?
  If you retake a course from which you previously have withdrawn, the “W” from your first attempt and the new grade from that class both will appear on your transcript.  As a reminder, a “W” has no impact on your GPA.


Question:  What happens if I withdraw from my Summer 2020 course(s) and do not fulfill my foundational requirement deadline?
As per the emails that have been sent regarding the foundational deadline, students who have not satisfied their foundational requirement by their designated deadlines have been restricted to enrolling only in foundational courses until they have fulfilled the requirement.  At this time, a hold should not be placed on your account, and you should not be dismissed (unless you are academically dismissed from the program due to not maintaining the GPA requirement).  We anticipate that this same process will be used going forward, but please be sure to monitor your email closely, as we will send more information regarding the foundational requirement as the semester progresses (particularly for students whose deadline has passed).

Question:  How can I confirm that I have withdrawn from my course(s)?
To confirm if you withdrew from a course(s) correctly, please view your “Student Detail Schedule” section of OSCAR.  The step-by-step instructions on how to view this can be found in Section H of the Orientation document (linked above).  Once a student has withdrawn from his/her course successfully, its status field in OSCAR will change from "**Registered**” to “Course Withdrawal”, "Course Drop by Student”, “Withdrawn from School”, or “Withdrawal-Student Initiated”.  **Please do not email our office asking for confirmation of your withdrawal, as you will be directed to this email.**

 Question: If I withdraw from my Summer 2020 course(s), do I need to complete a Petition to the Faculty form to enroll in the Fall 2020 term?
Answer:  As per Georgia Tech policy (, “With the exception of part-time graduate students, any student who withdraws during a term and wishes to return the following term must complete a Petition to the Faculty Form only.”  Therefore, since OMSCS students are part-time graduate students, you do not need to submit a "Petition to the Faculty” form if you withdraw from your Summer 2020 course(s).


Question:  When would an OMSCS student need to apply for readmission?
Answer:  OMSCS students can take a semester off at any time.  However, if you take two or more consecutive semesters off (the summer semester counts towards the two consecutive semesters), you must apply for readmission.  For more information, please review the Registrar’s Readmission Policy online at:

For example, if a student enrolls in a Summer 2020 course and withdraws (which would result in a “W” on his/her transcript), this counts as a record of enrollment for that semester.  Therefore, the student would need to sit out the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters before having to apply for readmission for Summer 2021 (or any semester thereafter).

Question:  Who should I contact for questions about refunds/refund eligibility?
For questions regarding refunds, please contact the Bursar's Office.  Their contact information can be found on their website at

Question:  If I miss the deadline to withdraw, can the OMSCS advisors withdraw me from my course(s)?
Unfortunately, the OMSCS advisors cannot withdraw students from courses.  Therefore, students must withdraw themselves from their course(s) before the deadline of Saturday, June 27 at 4:00pm ET.

Question:  What happens to my academic standing if I withdraw from the Summer 2020 term?
It is our understanding that if you withdraw from the Summer 2020 term, and you do not have any new grades that would change your status, then your academic standing from the previous term would carry over.  Therefore, if you were on academic warning or academic probation after your last enrolled term, then this status would carry over to the Fall 2020 term (again, only if you withdraw from the Summer 2020 term and do not have any new grades to change your academic standing).

Question:  What happens to my access in Canvas and Piazza once I withdraw from a course(s)?
If you withdraw from a course(s), please note that your access to Canvas and Piazza may not update immediately.  It is our understanding that your access to Piazza should update on its own within the next couple of weeks after you withdraw from the course(s).  If an extended amount of time passes, and you still have access to Canvas, please contact your TA(s) and/or your instructor(s) first.  If they are unable to assist you, please contact the Technology Services Organization (TSO).  Their contact information can be found online at

If you have any advising-related questions, please contact from your GT email account and include your full name and your nine-digit GT ID number (90X-XX-XXXX), replacing the first two digits with “xx”.

Enjoy the semester!


 OMS CS Advising Team
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology