CS 6263: Intro to Cyber Physical Systems Security

Instructional Team

Raheem Beyah

Raheem Beyah
Creator, Instructor
Saman Zonouz

Saman Zonouz
David Joyner

David Joyner
Course Developer
Tohid Shekari

Tohid Shekari
Head TA


This course (formerly CS 8803 O07 Special Topics) provides an introduction to security issues relating to various cyber-physical systems including industrial control systems and those considered critical infrastructure systems. Topics include: 

  1. Intro to the course
  2. Introduction to Cyber-Physical Systems
  3. Background on Networking, Information Security, and Control Theory
  4. Industrial Networks
  5. Industrial Cyber Security History and Threats
  6. Introduction to Industrial Control Systems And Operations
  7. Industrial Network Design and Architecture
  8. Industrial Network Protocols
  9. Example Industrial Control System - Power Delivery System
  10. Hacking Industrial Control Systems
  11. Securing Industrial Control Systems
  12. Advanced Cyber-Physical Systems Security Concepts
  13. Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems
  14. Threats to Cyber-Physical Systems in Other Domains - (e.g., Transportation Systems)
Foundational Course Computing Systems Elective

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Summer 2023 syllabus and schedule
Spring 2023 syllabus and schedule
Fall 2022 syllabus and schedule

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